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Inspired by nature and the classic aesthetics of design, is a earth wise home care, wellbeing and personal care product line, 100% Australian owned and operated, interested to find reputable agents, and wholesale distributors in Thailand. began its product journey by creating wellbeing rituals around how consumers care for and treat their home environment. The core product philosophy leans towards curating a collection of luxury home care products that become fan favourites and are best treats in all their applications.

Self Care Mindset: “Having a busy life shouldn’t mean neglecting ourselves. If we only have 15 minutes to ourself, let’s make it count and start a daily ritual of self care. Let’s walk, breathe, and meditate. All these rituals don’t take long but make all the difference to our day. Let’s close our eyes and let our senses take us to another place through the scents on”

Today, product purity is not enough, and delves more from the products it offers to customers, by being committed to using the most sustainable, clean, active, botanical extracts that can offer the best results naturally.

Luxurious, limited edition personal care collections, that are the perfect pampering treats!

#HarnessingNature – product innovation team believes that products should do good for the entire family. Presented through classic design principles, the collections sit beautifully on bathroom counters and reflect a positive aesthetic.

Experience the feminine, lavish touch in your home with the new range of interior perfumes too! Experience exotic fragrances.

Level up your hand care routine with sets! The brand offers luxurious gift boxes of hydrating hand creams that are perfect for special occasions.

The brand’s mission is to strive for “ingredient integrity” and earth-friendly solutions, creating collections of products that entice conscious decisions in how we as humans lead our lives. Responsibly.




Tel: +61 1300 010 233

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