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About Us

The focal objective of the Armenian – Thai Chamber of Commerce online platforms is to provide a professionally designed, digitally optimized and shareable, visually appealing and geolocation based targeted listings for companies to promote their businesses to Armenian business communities in Armenia, EEC, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Australia, by connecting business people, conveying business inquiries and by organic digital promotions.

The Armenian – Thai Chamber of Commerce is an organization established in the Kingdom of Thailand by Honorary Consul and Armenian – Thai Chamber President Mr. Arto Artinian and functions in accordance to the regulations of the Chambers of Commerce of Thailand and Armenia.

The Executive Committee consists of resident Armenian professionals working in Thailand. The Chamber works to promote bilateral Armenian – Thai trade relationships and assists visiting Armenian businessmen to source their products as well as establish their businesses in Thailand. Furthermore, the Chamber works closely with and supports all Thailand based Armenian – Thai Chamber member businesses to promote their Products and Services to diverse markets within Thailand as well as for export to International markets.

The Armenian – Thai Chamber of Commerce affiliated member businesses based primarily in Bangkok and Pattaya are considered to be in the Jewelry industry, Gemstone manufacturing and cutting / polishing industry, Tourism Hospitality and F & B industries, Finance, Financial Services, Real Estate, Business Consultancy and relevant Business Services industries, Garments and Textiles trade, Industrial Manufacturing, Auto Spare Parts exports, as well as Individual members who are resident professionals working in multinational companies in Thailand.

The Armenian – Thai Chamber connects periodically with Armenian – Asian business communities and forums, maintaining contacts in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Korea updating them on new business opportunities in Thailand and Armenia as well as by relaying relevant business updates, acting as a link between all other Foreign Chambers of Thailand, through various joint networkings and collaborations in Business and Cultural and Educational events organized by the various co-Chambers and Business Associations.

Professionally Designed

Digitally optimized and shareable

Visually appealing and geolocation based targeted